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Al-Ula: Amazing Town in Saudi Arabia

    Since 2019, Saudi Arabia is so easy to travel (e-visa) and it is open than ever before, welcoming people from around the globe, becoming the unique and fascinating tourist destination.

    On of the most interesting places is Al-Ula (AlUla). The best known and recognized site in AlUla is Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    Hegra was the main city of the Nabataean Kingdom and comprises nearly 100 well-preserved tombs with elaborate facades cut into sandstone outcrops.

    The walled city of AlUla was founded in the 6th century BC, an oasis in the desert valley, with fertile soil and plenty of water. It was located along Incense Road, the network of routes that facilitated the trade of spices, silk, and other luxury items through the Kingdom of Axum, Arabia, Egypt, and India.

    Today the whole area is full of amazing art installations in the middle of the desert. One of them is Marraya Hall – Mirror Concert Hall.

    Marraya (meaning “mirror” or “reflection” in Arabic), made up of 9,740 mirrored panels, is the largest mirrored building in the world and a Guiness World Record holding architectural marvel.