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    Australia is the sixth-largest country in the world and a home to kangaroos, koalas, and a lot of sun.

    For the Tennis fans, it is also a place of one of the Grand Slams , the  Australian Open .

    Every year,  this tournament takes place every January in Melbourne, Australia, on  the hard courts  at Melbourne Park,almost in the center of this beautiful city. 

    ‘The Australian Open has the unique history. The tournament first began in 1905 but wasn’t officially designated as a major until 1924. Many of the sport’s top players skipped the tournament rather than make the long journey by boat, which would have caused many players to miss the holidays, i.e., Christmas and the New Year.

    Eventually, when air travel became common in the 1950s, more players began to travel to the tournament, but player attendance didn’t pick up significantly until the 1980s. These days, the event is a crucial stop on the calendar for the world’s top players.’ (

    Now we have so many options to travel comfortably to Australia. 

    For passengers from the East Coast, it is best to fly with a transfer in Los Angeles ,San Francisco or Dallas , on American Airlines/Qantas Airways or United Airlines where there are Non-Stop flights to Sydney .

    It can all be on the same ticket and your luggage goes straight to Australia. Or you can stop on the West Coast to break up a long journey. The trip from LAX or SFO takes 15 hours.

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